Authentic sounding rock music using sequencing

This website features music and tutorials on creating authentic and convincingly sounding rock music using music 'sequencing', done with Propellerhead Reason and a MIDI keyboard. This website is meant for all those people like myself, who like to create music, but aren't musically schooled. Click on the track on the right. If you like what you're hearing stick around. It's done entirely by MIDI keyboard. It's like using a virtual guitar.

The greatest composers in history are self-taught: Frank Zappa couldn't read a single note. Noel Gallagher taught himself to play the guitar. Famous composers like Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer? They are all self-taught musicians, who didn't stop dreaming and realized their visions.

Do want to play the guitar, but don't know how? Do you know how to use the keyboard just a bit? Than you have have rock potential! Try out my tracks to see what's possible with Reason by Propellerhead. Watch my tutorials to learn how to do it. You'll be making your own rock tunes in no time!

I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay and get inspired listening

to my tracks. Like to exchange thoughts or ideas? Just drop

me an email.

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