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About Tyberium

As a huge fan of the Command & Conquer PC game series, Raymond started to use his nickname 'Tyberium', after the substance 'tiberium' featured in the game. Growing up with music sequencing on the Amiga using SoundTracker and NoiseTracker in the late 80's, his music passion soon evolved onto the PC. With the introduction of more powerful hardware (Creative's Soundblaster line), the sound quality on the PC soon surpassed the capabilities of the Amiga and reached CD quality. In the late  90's, the arrival of FastTracker 2 and Scream Tracker for the PC opened up a whole new era for music production and sampling. With the turn of the century, the use of MIDI slowly became the standard for controlling sequencers. Late 2000, the company Propellerhead released Reason, a studio emulator sequencing program that over the years would become one of the leading sequencing software packages to date.

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