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As of 2008, Tyberium started using Propellerhead's Reason for all his musical productions and released his work to the public, using YouTube. Many music enthusiasts used Reason to produce techno and dance music. Interested in rock and soft-rock music, Tyberium started experimenting with Propellerhead's Reason and began producing guitar music to find out if convincing guitar sound could be produced with this program. Like his guitar heroes Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert, he chose to let the electric guitar take the center play in his tracks.

Vai, Satriani and Gilbert

Not being musically schooled, Tyberium noticed that by using sequencing to make his music, one could craft a musical track to perfection, without the pressure of getting every note right in one go. Using a MIDI keyboard and the right sequencing program, music production finally came within the grasp of every enthusiast all over the world.

His first track 'Reason 4 Guitar Music 1', released in 2008, became quite popular on YouTube. Encouraged by the positive feedback on his tracks, Tyberium continued sharing his music with the public, to show that the possibilities of Reason reach beyond the realm of dance and trance music.

The Tyberium YouTube channel now features 18 of his own tracks and has a loyal group of subscribers.

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