"The Sting Of Battle"

This track was my fourteenth track released on YouTube.

I like to go to the movies. On many occasions you can find some pretty powerful songs tucked away in there. The cool thing about cinema is that the music enhances the images. When you see hundreds of armed forces storm up a hill, going against thousands of opponents, a proper score can enhance that experience tenfold. You can't help to start rooting for the underdog. Same goes for speeches. Many of us will remember the speech from the movie Independence Day; words of patriotism layered on top of an increasingly intensifying score. When I experience something like that at the movies, I think to myself "God, I wish I could create something like that".

The idea for this track was to create such an empowering score. I wanted to created a military themed song, that portrayed heroism and bravery and have some cinematic quality to it. I created a new instrument that seems to keep popping up in many movies, in one way or another; the 'drone'. I heard it in 'Inception', and 'Transformers'. Layered with a low pitched horn, it creates a powerful atmosphere. You can download it for free from this website. I'll bet you can have some fun with it as well.

For the guitar I tried expanding the frequency shift method. It's used in the intro, to emulate harmonics which are normally not possible with regular samples. I also experimented with tampani, bongo and conga drums to give certain parts of the track some more tempo.

Listen to the full track below.

Reason 4 Guitar Music 14:

"The Sting Of Battle"

Aired: August 18th 2011


You can download the 'drone' instrument right here.

Below you will find the speech of George S. Patton, of which snippets were used in this track.

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