Harmonics. The holy grail of guitar playing, in my humble opinion. As difficult to master it is in real life, as easy it has become with Reason 7's ID8 instruments. The ID8 guitar instrument now actually has a knob that controls the amount of harmonics the instrument makes.

The ID8 set to 'Acoustic Steel' guitar

If you have an earlier version of Reason, you can still emulate this effect using the 'Scream 4' module.Again, the key to using the harmonics is to not overdo it. Just dab it in here and there. If you listen carefully to the video below or the audio sample to the right, you will hear only two instances of use of harmonics at:

  • 22 seconds into the track
  • 24 seconds into the track

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Squealing like a pro


Demonstration of harmonics.

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