Pitch bending

Pitch bending (or 'portamento') can have a dramatic effect on a musical score. It gives the musician a complete new array of possibilities by blending notes together. Guitar songs using pitch bend can give a song an overall feel of smoothness, when used properly. One should avoid overusing this effect to 'keep the audience guessing' on when it will return. This keeps your track vivid and surprising.

Although subtle and only used four times in the example to the right, it gives the track a more human touch.

If you listen carefully to the video below or the audio sample to the right, you will hear the pitch bending effect at:

  • 1,5 seconds into the track
  • 5,5 seconds into the track
  • 11,5 seconds into the track
  • 24 seconds into the track

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Bend it like Beckham

Pitch bending

Small demo of a pitch bend wheel on a MIDI keyboard

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