Velocity value (top right corner)

To further enhance the (now less) quantized notes and reduce the robotic or programmed feel of the riff, we can adjust the velocity of the notes. The velocity value is a numeric representation of how hard the note was hit on the instrument. For example: the harder you hit a piano key, the louder the note will sound. Velocity gives a musical score its dynamics.

To add a velocity value to a note, simply select a note from your timeline and change the value in the option 'VEL' right above it, to a value between 1 and 127. The lower the value, the softer the 'hit' on the instrument was. Use the highest value and you struck the instrument with all your might.

A real guitarist will never hit each note with exactly the same velocity, all the time. If we program all our notes with exactly the same velocity, the song tends to get monotonous by lacking dynamic.

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Terminal velocity

Interchanging velocity

A small demo of velocity in action

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