Whiskey and Sigar

"No Worries"

This track was my nineth track released on YouTube.

Before writing this song, I had a good listen to some of my music favorites. I came across the Metallica rendition of Whiskey In The Jar, originally done by Thin Lizzy. Metallica's rendition is done at around 130 BPM. The pace and rawness of this track caught my attention and made an excellent starting point for this song. I made my track a bit slower at 120 BPM; a bit closer to Thin Lizzy's version, but I kept Metallica's edgy metal side of it. There's a small ode to their track, with the distinctive three-note bridge to the low riff.


The guitar was tweaked to be a bit heavy on the reverb, so it gives a bit of a dreamy feel to the track. It gives a nice squeal on the high notes thanks to that frequency shift thingy I do. I dragged that way up on that note. All in all I think this track turned out quite nice.

Available on the album 'No Strings Attached'.

Listen to the full track below.

Reason 4 Guitar Music 9:

"No Worries"

Aired: March 6th 2011

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