Roller coaster

"Roller Coaster"

This track was my eighth track released on YouTube.

With this track I tried to make a fast pased track that goes like a rollercoaster; a fast, fun, uplifting song that puts a smile on your face. I got a sense of direction when listing to my 3rd track. In my opinion, the end had a bit in it that could use some more exploring.

The main riff of this track ("Roller Coaster") is a fast pased edit of that bit. It's done with a new design of guitar that can realy squeal. This is mostly used to emphasize the longer notes. It's emulating the overdrive effect that electric guitars have. I used my frequency shifting technique for this. There's also a lot of pitch bending in it. It's very subtle, though. How subtle? Just see if you can hear it here...it's there allright. Just is slight wobble. They are scattered all over this song and kick some live into it.

This track also features some trance-like arp textures in the background, that propell the song forward. They can be heard a bit better near the end @ 4:01min.

Available on the album 'No Strings Attached'.

Listen to the full track below.

Reason 4 Guitar Music 8:


Aired: February 26th 2011


You can download the guitar here

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