This track was the third track released on YouTube.

The creative juices got flowing while composing the drums (starting 17 seconds into the song). The frequency of the drums changes from high to  low on set intervals. It creates a unique feel. The cowbell pushes the tempo forward. The chords are done with a rhodes keyboard refill.

The guitar used in this track, again was the standard refill 'Gt Bottleneck w Chords', but build from the ground up. It has a distinctive overdrive effect that keeps swaying up and down, giving the guitar some edge. It can be heard quite well in the break at 1m18s.

Emulating harmonics can be quite tough to get right. In this track you can hear some emulated ones at 1m56s, 3m26s and 3m40s.

Available on the album 'No Strings Attached'.

Listen to the full track below.

Reason 4 Guitar Music 3:


Aired: October 18th 2009

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