"Six String Showdown"

Here's a funny short track I wrote using Reason's A-List

Acoustic Guitarist Rack Extension. I found a way change this

acoustic rack extension into an electric one, with a click of

a switch by using Reason's FX library.

Being able to do so, inspire me to make this track.

I envisioned a regular guitar player on a stage playing his

rather uninspired song to a small crowd. Then all of a sudden

at 0:38 out of nowhere a freaky weirdo jumps on stage and

just flatout over-acts the same song with an electric guitar

with the destortion dialed up to 'destruction' mode. This guy

is going all-inn as if he was the long lost fifth member of Kiss.

The song then starts to interchange between the two, switching back and forth between clean and distorted guitar play, with the latter trying to upstage the first.

As always, the entire track was made within Reason, so no external or live played guitars were used.

Rock Smoke

Listen to the full track below.

Reason 4 Guitar Music 23:

"Six String Showdown"

Aired: May 18th 2014

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