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Reason 4 Guitar Music 22:

"Through The Storm"

Aired: November 24th 2013

Tutorial on guitar effects in this track

"Through The Storm"

This track was inspired on a rainy and windy day.

It sets the mood with some rain, wind and thunder

effects at the start of the track. As you can hear it

leans heavy on the drums. It gives the track a good

punchy base to work with.

The track starts a bit slow paced to build up the mood.

Long guitar notes are used to give it that stretched

guitar feel. I'd image it to fit with the wind and rain howling past your house and you knowing that you'll have to eventually get outside and pass through this weather. The piano helps to set up this emotion even further.

When the track kicks off at 1:07min, It's like leaving your house through the front door and getting a face-full of bad weather for the first time. The pace change is a musical representation of battling through the wind and rain. There is a brief moment of shelter at 1:40min a bit, just to get back at full swing 2:28min. The last part of the track at 2:44min is depicting a safe return back home again.

Listen to the full track below.

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