"Smooth Operator"

This track was my twentieth track released on YouTube.

After getting my copy of Reason 7, I dove right into the program to see if there were some new things for me to discover. The two main improvements that I found for me personally, were the new SSL mixer and the ID8 devices.

The actual SSL 9000
Reason 7 SSL 9000K

This new Reason SSL mixer is a very acurate replica of the actual Solid State Logic 9000K. Back in 2002, the 9000 K Series were the first analogue consoles to provide the dual benefits of a full 5.1 surround architecture and the increased bandwidth and resolution needed for DVD-Audio and Super Audio Compact Disc.

Listen to the full track below.

Reason 4 Guitar Music 20: "Smooth Operator

Aired: May 15th 2013

Short clip from the Los Angeles Recording School, where they actually have a real size Solid State Logic 9000K mixer.

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