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"The Heist"

This track was my seventeenth track released on YouTube.

For this track I wanted to make a bank heist song that would sound kind of groovy. One of those tracks that makes you walk in a "John-Woo" slow-motion kind of way.

I began with a bass hook to set the mood and the rest came naturally when I thought up a bank heist theme. For the firefight bit I tried to make a huge wall of sound that would really come at you and feel pretty intense. I used so many channels, that it actually made my computer stutter and crash under the stress of around 20 channels of audio. It was absolutely painstaking to compose and mix like that, but I think it came out nicely though making it all worth while.

Listen to the full track below.

Reason 4 Guitar Music 17:

"The Heist"

Aired: February 24th 2012

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