Rocking Compact Cassette

"The Lost Concert Tape"

This track was my thirteenth track released on YouTube.

This project took some time to complete; making a track that had a vintage concert feel to it. I wanted to make a track that sounded like it could've been tucked away somewhere in a dark cold attic for ages. What better way to start off with, than with some good old ZZ-Top-ish vibes. To create a concert feeling, some crowd samples were mixed in. These samples are timed in such a way, that they seem to be reacting on the lead guitar. Everytime a guitar lick is started, the crowd reacts, as to be exited on what's happening 'on stage'.

The guitar licks were played on a MIDI keyboard. As I can't play keyboard or guitar in real life, I kept recording little bits of around 5 to 10 seconds, kept the bits I liked and build on top of that. By creating long 'walking' type guitar pieces that stretch out over multiple bars, the riffs seem improvised like in a real concert performance.

Somewhere in the middle the guitar magically switches over to my wah-wah guitar. I found some great tutorials on the web, that helped me make a wah-wah guitar out of the standard Reason guitar. By switching guitars throughout the track, it keeps it interesting. The drums solo near the end and the switch to some low sounding riffs in combination with a Hammond organ, spices things up.

Listen to the full track below.

Reason 4 Guitar Music 13:

"Lost Concert Tape"

Aired: July 3rd 2011


You can download my wah-wah guitar combinator patch for free!

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