This track was my twelfth track released on YouTube.

After finishing my album, I wanted to create a more serious song this time. It started with an idea to make some sort of comfort song to people who are going to a rough patch. People who just lost someone in their life or are experiencing any other type of emotional duress. The song I had in mind had to be warm and uplifting, though. A song that could transpire hope or give a sense of, that what you are going through is not the end of it all. Good things will eventualy cross your path again. It's quite a task to translate this into music, but I was sure to create something that could induce these feelings.


I started off with a more classical and undestorted guitar for the rhythmic section. An easy uncomplicated bassline would provide some depth. Easy to follow drums gave it pace. A low key piano would give it some feeling. The higher register piano provided the chorus.

The distorted guitar on top of this would give the song that extra charge. After this (at around 2m:20 into the song) it takes a 'breath' to prepare for the uplifting last part with the guitar, followed by an overlay of continuous piano notes. The final section wraps it up with some military drums and a slow piano outtro.

Listen to the full track below.

Reason 4 Guitar Music 12:


Aired: June 11th 2011

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