"Day of Defiance"

This track was made to musically symbolize

human resistance in any shape or form.

Sometimes you have to speak up or step out

of your comfort zone to begin a revolution.

You will have to defy governments or other

factions to get your point across.

This is the first track I made using the rhythm

guitar 'Shreddage' refill I bought through the

Reason store. It's a pretty neat guitar set as you can hear. I used some violins and a piano to give the low rhythm some contrast. Especially the first part up to 0:50min is pretty hefty. I think this song really lends itself to have someone sing over it. In my head I could almost hear the

lyrics about resistance and defiance take form.

With this song I utilized almost every technique I learned so far, all of which of course can be found on the tutorial pages of this website. It still amazes me that this can be done by just using a Midi keyboard and Propellerhead Reason.


Listen to the full track below.

Reason 4 Guitar Music 24:

"Day Of Defiance"

Aired: August 18th 2014

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